Alternative Bank Schweiz

Alternative Bank Schweiz (ABS) is based in Olten, Canton of Solothurn, in Switzerland. As the name of the bank suggests, it is focused on sustainability and transparent banking for ordinary people as opposed to maximizing on profits. It is one of the newest banks in Switzerland, having been founded in 1990 and works to ensure that clients are fully aware about what’s happening to their money at all times. They have only three locations in Switzerland with offices in Olten, Lausanne and Zurich.

Brief History

ABS has an interesting history that’s different to the many traditional banks found in Switzerland. It was founded by several organizations, a union and various charities such as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Greenpeace Switzerland in 1990. The bank has grown from a small one with a few individuals in the hierarchy to having several departments and structures, but still maintaining its core values around sustainability.


ABS currently only operates in Switzerland and mainly provides services such as financing and investment services for projects in areas such as ecological housing, renewable energy, organic farming and social organization.  For individuals, the bank provides banking services such as:

  • Savings – For information on how best to save and grow those savings, ABS has a team of experts to help you discover the benefits of saving.
  • Investment – ABS provides expert investment advice and information on ethical and sustainable investment opportunities.
  • Business financing – Get help with getting your business off the ground with ABS’s favourable financing solutions, especially for businesses that support sustainability and ethical practices.
  • Real Estate – ABS provides specialized, favourable loans for social and ecological buildings.
  • Every day monetary transactions – Stay on top of your hard-earned money with the transparent banking services from ABS.


Useful Information

Head Offices

Amthausquai 21
4610 Olten

Phone +41 (0)62 206 16 16


SWIFT / BIC codes


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