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Bank Coop is a Swiss bank with its headquarters in Basel. It has managed to establish a reputation as an expert in retail banking for individuals and small to medium business enterprises. The bank has been formerly known as Coop Bank since 1995 and has been owned by the Basler Kantonalbank, who have the largest share stake at 57,6%, since 1999. Both individual and businesses are fully taken care of with services such as banking and investment advice. Bank Coop aims to provide favourable banking conditions when it comes to things like interest rates and provisional financial planning.

Brief History

Founded in 1927, Bank Coop is a financial institution steeped in rich Swiss heritage. What makes this bank unique and unlike others is its historical background. It was founded as a cooperative central bank when the Swiss Association of Cooperatives teamed up with the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions. This bank was created for the benefit of workers so that they have somewhere safe and fruitful to keep their hard earned money. Bank Coop was turned into a stock corporation in 1970 and had its name changed to Coop Bank in 1995. Since 1999, Basler Kantonalbank has had a majority stake and the bank finally became formerly known as Bank Coop in 2001.


Bank Coop is a leader in individual banking services such as personal bank accounts that provide saving facilities as well. The financial needs of small and medium businesses are also taken care of by professionals from the bank. The main services provided are:

  • Pay and Save – Both individuals and businesses can access this service with banking, saving and payment methods provided for them. There are several packages that can be chosen to suit the client’s unique needs.
  • Create and Act – The services provided here are around investment advice and opportunities that can be taken advantage of.

Useful Information

Head Office

Aeschenplatz 3
CH-4002 Basel

Kontakt Center

Telephone: +41 (0)58 958 83 83

Bank Coop SWIFT / BIC codes


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