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Founded in 1978, the Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd is a finance company with over 200 employees and its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It is part of the Hinduja Group, an Indian Conglomerate. They have a local and global presence with offices in major cities around the world such as Zurich, Basel, New York, London, Dubai, Mauritius, Chennai and Paris. Hinduja’s Indian origins give international clients, especially those in Europe, access to expert knowledge on the Middle East and Asian markets.

Brief History

In 1994, Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd was established as a Swiss Banking Institution after the acquisition of a finance company’s asset management services that was created in 1978.


The services provided by Hinduja Bank include Wealth Management, Trade Finance Services, Corporate Finance and Global Investment Solutions. They use a business model that offers clients, including institutions, strong and innovative entrepreneurial and growth solutions. They believe in a partnership with their clients that will lead to long-term growth.

  • Wealth Management – As far as Hinduja Bank is concerned, it is more important to take into consideration each client’s individual circumstances when drawing up a Wealth Management portfolio than it is to give financial advice without much thought.
  • Trade Finance Services – As a bank that has strong ties in Asia and the Middle East, they are able to give sophisticated expertise and advice on Trade Finance services for all clients.
  • Corporate Finance – Hinduja Bank does not shy away from challenging corporate finance operations. They provide advice on things like mergers and acquisitions, Indian Capital Markets and Debt and Equity Capital Raising.
  • Global Investment Solutions – The right model and vehicles are used to provide clients with the best options when it comes to investing in the unpredictable markets around the world.

Useful Information                                                                

Head Office

Place de la Fusterie 3bis,
1204 Geneva, Switzerland


+41 22 906 08 08

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