ICB Banking Group

ICB Financial Group Holding AG is also know by a couple of other names which are; Swiss Finance Lexomburg AG, ICB Financial Group, or International Commercial Bank (ICB). The international financial services provider has its headquarters in Schindellegi, Switzerland and has a number of subsidiaries around the world in places like Albania, Tanzania, Mozambique, Senegal, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Laos. As an international company, they have over 3000 employees all over the world.

Brief History

The ICB was founded in 1994 when it was granted a license to operate as a financial institution in Hungary. Since then, ICB Banking Group has grown through the acquisition of commercial banks in 13 emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. The group first branched into Africa by opening a branch in Ghana in 1996 before expanding through the rest of the continent into 9 other countries. ICB entered the Asian market through an acquisition in Indonesia in 2003 before opening two more branches on that continent.


ICB Banking Group has managed to grow as a commercial bank because of its ability to adapt its services to suit the market they are operating in. The simple but effective banking solutions that they provide their clients have managed to help them stay above their competition. At the core of the services they provide is:

  • Investment Firms and Funds – Providing well informed investment advice and reducing the risk factors is important to ICB and passes this on to their clients. They take the time to understand the client’s needs and then matches this with opportunities available worldwide.
  • Commercial Banking – Other than the usual banking services such as debit card accounts, loans and savings accounts, ICB also provides specialized banking solutions such as Islamic Banking to its clients.

Useful Information

Head Office

Schulhausstrasse 1, CH-8834 Schindellegi, Switzerland

+ 41 44 687 4550

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