Julius Baer Group

Julius Baer Group (or Julius Bär Group Ltd.) is a Swiss private group bank with locations in more than 20 countries mainly in Europe and Asia and the parent company of Bank Julius Baer (a traditional private bank). The head office is located in Zurich and the group employs over 5,300 people around the world. The main focus of business is asset management for clients worldwide as well as wealth management and investment consultancy. The bank’s products can be accessed through its open architecture platforms, as well as securities and foreign exchange trading.

Brief History

Dating back to 1890, the Julius Baer Group was first founded by Ludwig Hirschhorn and Theodor Grob. In 1896, Joseph Michael Uhl and Julius Bär joined the company, when Theodor Grob left. Julius Bär took ownership of the bank in 1901 and his sons joined the company as partners, thus making it a family business with Julius’s off-spring remaining active in the business as shareholders right up to 2009. Since 2005, the group acquired a number of smaller financial institutions and so, boosted its strength in the industry.



The Julius Baer Group focuses on giving its clients access to the very best financial products on the market through the use of highly professional and experienced staff. The focus is on the customer and so, financial solutions are tailored to match the customer’s goals. Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Investor Services – The Julius Baer Group will do all the hard work for you as they look at your individual situation to determine the best course of action when you decide to invest your hard-earned money as well as safekeeping and administration of securities.
  • Financial Market Services – With access to trading markets around the world, the Julius Baer Group provides an in-depth Advisory and Execution Securities Trading Service that makes it a leader in trading platforms.
  • Financing – Julius Baer Group provides financing solutions for anything from short-term loans for money needed to take advantage of an investment opportunity, through to real estate financial assistance.
  • Wealth Planning – Get long term solutions to protect and grow your wealth with the expert help of the Julius Baer Group.
  • Investment Advisory – Stay on top of your investment opportunities with Julius Baer’s custom tailored solutions that give advice you can act decisively on.


Julius Baer Group Switzerland Head Office Address
Bahnhofstrasse 36, 8010 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel: +41 588 881 111


Support hotlines
Julius Baer Group Market Link Service Centre (Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm)
– from Switzerland: 0800 88 8050
– from abroad: +800 88 88 8050
Julius Baer Group Customer Service Center
– from abroad: +41 588 881 111
Julius Baer Group Investors
– from abroad: +41 588 885 256


Julius Baer Group Customers support (24h):
Julius Baer Group Maestro Card
– from abroad: +41 588 862 222


SWIFT / BIC codes of the Julius Baer Group Switzerland
Julius Baer Group Switzerland Bank: BAERCHZZ XXX

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